DIY hot chocolate spoons

how to make hot chocolate stirrers

I don't need much encouragement to whip up a batch of hot chocolate but these stirrers are so much fun and the perfect way to use up left over chocolate from christmas..

for some reason I feel way less guilty about eating a bar of chocolate in liquid form? throw in cream and marshmallows.. now that's my kind of beverage party. 

so less talk more (calorific) action.. here's how to make them. 

hot chocolate spoons recipe

you'll need:

tasty chocolate
spoons- wood or metal

first melt your chocolate (in a bowl over a pan of simmering water if you're old school like me!)

once liquid pour your chocolate into an ice cube mould. when it starts to set slightly place the spoons into the chocolate- check they're not going to fall over then leave to harden. at this point I recommend licking the bowl clean of any remaining chocolate!

once the chocolate is set you can pop them out of the silicone moulds. 

you can decorate them by dipping them in more melted chocolate then rolling in nuts, peanut brittle or sprinkles! or just leave them naked like mine..

hot chocolate stirrer DIY

heat up some milk, pop a chocolate spoon into your mug and stir to melt. I finish off with a healthy serving of cream, yum.

hot chocolate spoon DIY idea

my only warning is that these are slightly addictive, be prepared to make more than one batch!

ps. how many hot chocolates is too many? (asking for a friend.)

back soon

caroline x


  1. Love this idea! My little sisters would love making these!

  2. oh my god these look gorgeous! I've only had a hot chocolate like this once and it was so so good! great post


    1. thanks hannah- we saw them in harvey nichols and I figured I could make them for a fraction of the price :)

  3. Genius idea.. must give it a try! X

  4. What an amazing idea and so easy to do. I'm partial to a bit of melting chocolate to make bark, although I think my favourite part of the process is definitely the licking of the bowl afterwards. There's nothing better than warm, melted chocolate x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  5. enjoy them- they go quickly :)



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