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DIY memo board

just before christmas I decided to finally tackle my spare room. when we moved in it morphed into a dumping zone where we left old furniture, mirrors, boxes of paintings and bags of clothes.. I tried really damn hard to ignore it but eventually I caved.

I started going through all the junk and arranging collections of the furniture we no longer needed. I separated the clothes and homewares into three categories (keep, donate and eBay) and it made a huge difference! once the room was cleared out we replaced the two old windows, painted it again to freshen it up and put down a new white floor which really brightened up the space.

the room is long and narrow so I had planned to buy a daybed and make it into a guest room but it occurred to me that it would probably make a much better office. it's one of the brightest rooms in the house and my desk fit perfectly into the dead space behind the doorway.. so I hijacked it!

I had quite a large collection of clothes but I've managed to cut it down to two clothes rails (the rest fits into my big vintage dresser.. just about.) I decided to use the other two thirds of the room as dressing/storage space so all my clothes are officially confined to one room. yep, james is pretty happy about that part.

so I figured I'd show you around.. read on and I'll share my favourite items with you!

dressing room tour
UK blogger home tour

my mulig clothes rails are from ikea, they're simple and unfussy (and surprisingly take a lot of weight!) if you want matching hangers like mine check out my DIY copper hanger tutorial.

burkatron blog- interiors

I've kept my desk as minimal as possible so I don't get distracted when I'm working. there's a window to the side so it's a nice bright area if I'm taking pictures.. I can't wait for summer to arrive with it's bright evenings. 

vintage sideboard and plants

we inherited this vintage dresser from james nan and I love it- I sanded it down last year to remove the shiny varnish and it's left it with a much nicer finish. the side compartments are perfect for storing all my jeans and jumpers, the small drawers are where I keep my watches, jewellery and sunglasses. 

diy hanging planter
flamingo home decor

the hanging planter on my door was a DIY and the flamingo is an old urban outfitters purchase. I really adore this guy- he's forever being moved around the house.

I picked up the string of large bulbs at george home, they're a really nice addition in the evenings if I'm working late at my desk!

where I work

my desk is from ikea and the adjustable trestle legs are super handy. I've had to raise mine up as there's a sneaky little radiator behind my desk and I didn't want my mac overheating. the eames chair was a christmas gift from james, I've always loved the design and it's wide enough for me to sit crossed legged on (embarrassing story- I sit like a child when I work!)

home decor blog
uk interior blog- dressing room

I've managed to squeeze my most loved/worn shoes into the area under my rails. I used to keep them in boxes but it turns out kipper is an avid hunter of cardboard and liked to eat his way through them... 

memo board DIY
home details- burkatron blog

the most noticeable feature to my office is probably my DIY wire memo board, it's great for displaying personal items and reminders on. the other thing I've tried to include lots of in this space is plants- either big potted ones or cuttings in vases. 

I wanted to the room to feel fresh and airy- keeping a clean colour palette and adding plants is such an easy way to achieve it. I feel so much more organised now, it's a great feeling and I'm hoping I can make the most of it. (no more hoarding!)

what do you think?

back soon

caroline x


  1. Lady, your home is the stuff of Pinterest dreams! Please feel free to come work your magic on my flat! ;) xx

  2. Too much beautiful homeware in one post! This room is amazing. I love your memo board and matching hangers!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. Love the lightbulbs... can't see them on the George Home site though, wahhhh!

    1. I know I looked- damn! I only got them at christmas time so they may still be in store! xx

  4. This space looks so good. I love the plant hanging on the door :)


  5. Such a beautiful room! We've just moved into a new place and I'm desperate to sort out my office so will be busy planning it out very soon. I love your memo board, will be looking up the DIY next for sure! :)



    1. yay- so pleased! have fun sorting your office and hope you try it xx

  6. I love those lights, they are so cute!
    Maddy, xo

    1. thanks maddy- they're battery powered so you can easily move them around the house! xx

  7. Love this d├ęcor! I'm so jealous!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  8. I would definitely be more productive in an office like this! I love it!
    A Story of a Girl

  9. love the set up! wish my desk could look as good as that!

    1. it's a great desk, had it 2 yrs and still going strong! xx

  10. Your styling is absolutely impeccable; I'm head over heels! The simplicity combined with the earthy accents is an absolute dream!

    I bet you feel so at peace whilst working in there!

    Isabelle | www.isabellekategm.co.uk ♡

    1. oh you're too kind- thanks babe! I really love working here now xx

  11. This looks so beautiful, I love the neutral colours and plants... it looks like a brilliant space to work in xx

  12. I kept getting distracted by those bloody bulbs - as if they're George! And congrats on getting the clothing down to one room, that must've been a task and a half. x Rebecca - itscohen.co.uk

    1. haha I know- epic process going through my old boxes but I'm glad I did haha! ps- you might get them in george store as they're not online at the min! xx

  13. Love the hanging lightbulb feature! Serious decor goals

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  14. I absolutely love everything about how you used the space in the room. It makes me want to go out and reorganize a little office space. Unfortunately, as I'm still at University, that's not really an option but I love reading these types of posts because they make me so excited for when I have my own place and can decorate it as I'd like.

    Amber | A Write Through Life

    1. I remember the uni days- it's so exciting when you first get your own space to decorate!! although I do miss working in bed on my laptop sometimes haha xx

  15. really, really lovely! wish my home was even half as light as yours! our flat is ridiculously dark (apart from one room which is brighter).

  16. Just discovered your blog and I love your aesthetic. I sit with my legs crossed like a child when I work too!


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