DIY tree slice hairpin table

DIY log coffee table

I'm so excited to start off the new year with this DIY, not only do I love the end result but it's a sentimental one too..

last time I was in ireland I found a stash of wood slices in the garage.. I thought they were beautiful and immediately wanted to make something with them. pops managed to squeeze one into the boot of his car and brought it back to the UK for me- it was a little rough and bigger than the ones I'd originally seen so I decided to turn it into a side table.

working on this table was the perfect excuse to DIY with my dad over christmas- as the tree was from the tiny rural village he grew up in (and I spent my childhood exploring) it seemed appropriate that we made it together! 

how to make this simple log side table
hairpin leg coffee table tutorial


tree/log slice (check local lumber yards)
screws and drill

if you're looking for a wood slab like mine I suggest trying your local timber merchants, you can easily find smaller ones on etsy and eBay too. the smaller ones make great stools if you already have some!

aside from attaching the legs all you really need to do is prep the slice. first off my dad used a wood plane to even out the top of the table, we didn't bother with the underside as it's not really visible.

after the top was smoothed out I used the hand sander to even the surface further. just keep sanding until you're happy it's level enough. I left the sides alone as I didn't want to disturb the remaining bark.

at this point if you want the stain/seal the table go ahead. I've decided to leave mine unfinished for now as I adore the bare wood. at some point I may use a spray sealant or wood preservative if the condition changes. (if you do leave it unfinished don't place anything too hot or wet onto it!)

flip the table top over and attach the legs with screws. I recommend these 40cm ones on amazon.

how to make a side table
hairpin leg DIY
Tree slice wood table DIY
how to make a log table

lightbox | urban outfitters
vase | ikea

aside from attaching the legs and prepping the slice this is a very simple project. I love the rustic top against the delicate legs. the snazzy cinema light box you can see is from urban outfitters I discovered it whilst christmas shopping and had to buy it for myself- so damn cool right? james and I are already fighting over what slogans to add next..

it feels great to have taken something special and made it into something functional here in my home. what do you think- do you like it too?

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Omg, I need this table in my life. So beautfiul and easy to do. Thank you so much!
    -xx, Sia

  2. YASSS DIY Queen!!! I LOVE this, you give me allll the interior inspo and I want to try this out now!

    Shot From The Street

    1. haha thanks girl- love that backpack you're rocking in your latest post <3 xx

  3. This is sooo beautiful, I love it so much!!
    Emma // xx

  4. Such a good idea, I would have never thought of doing that! X

    1. I was planning a stool but it much better as a table! thanks you xx

  5. Such a good idea, I would have never thought of doing that! X

  6. I've just found your blog, and I have to say I am in love! Going to spend a lovely time scrolling through all of your posts :) x

    My Little Online Space

    1. oh evie- that's made my day!! thanks you xx

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  8. I LOVE the look of this! I've been wanting to do a DIY tree slice side table for ages and you've made it look so easy!! Must try and make one!! Thanks :)

  9. its easy I promise! you totally should xx

  10. it looks fantastic and i love that it has meaning behind it too!

    1. thanks so much laura- I'm a bit sentimental about ireland so this makes me feel happy when I see it :)

  11. This project is happening ASAP!

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  13. Hello! how many inches are the hairpin legs? your links don't work anymore :( Thanks!



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