5 tips to achieve a minimal bedroom

5 tips for a more minimal bedroom

I think it's important to have spaces that are calm and relaxing in a home, especially the ones you sleep in. you might associate minimal interiors with vast empty spaces but a minimal style doesn't necessarily mean sparse- keep only what you love and need and give existing items room to breathe. it's simply a way of evaluating our belongings.

I wanted to create a more serene atmosphere in our room so I've cut down on the accessories and made some simple changes that have been super therapeutic. the new year is the perfect time to organise your home so here's some easy ideas on how to adopt a more minimal approach in the decorating or styling of your bedroom.

-be selective

look around and decide what furniture and objects you really want in your room. are they functional, do they serve any purpose?

do you have pieces of furniture that you don't like or use anymore? how many ornaments are there just because you were looking for a place to squeeze them in rather than being bought with your bedroom in mind? I often rotate items between rooms and after a while I realise its because I'm not happy with them period. (I might have loved that lamp a year ago but now it's in the bedroom because it doesn't work anywhere else.. yup guilty.) if so sell it or donate it, if you don't like something why try and squeeze it in? next time you're shopping for accessories make sure you know where they're going and ask yourself if you really need it!

-empty your bedside table and clean out cupboards

this one is pretty liberating! tip out the contents out of your bedside tables.. yeah look at ALL THAT STUFF! do you really need 3 face creams, assorted eye gels and make up removers? I've moved all my skincare back to my bathroom. I'm only keeping 1 moisturiser and a lip balm in my bedroom which I'll rotate whenever I fancy a change. decide what your essential items are and get rid of the rest.
this goes for your underwear drawers too- throwing away old knickers and bras is the best feeling! streamline the contents of your cupboards to make room for newer things you love more.

-neutral colours

my bedroom is white with some grey accents in the blinds and bedding. I used to be a cath kidston kinda girl but now I like my bedroom to be clean and simple. the less my eyes have to take in the more restful I feel- picking a simple colour scheme is an easy way to make a room feel calm. you don't have to cut out colour though, pale shades of grey, beige and pink are warmer options for bedrooms too. 

-under bed storage

did you chuck stuff under your bed a year ago and forgot it existed- yeah? so did I. throw them out, if you forgot they were there then you haven't missed them! if you don't have any invest in some under bed storage pronto. there are oodles of different sized plastic boxes out there, grab ones that tuck away out of sight and take advantage of that hidden storage.

you'll have an extra place free to store linens, shoes or whatever else. making use of this empty space will free up your bedroom and I guarantee you'll feel more organised for it.

-simple soft furnishings

I like to keep windows dressing simple and by simple I mean barely anything. I only have roller blinds in the bedroom. I think adding additional curtains and dressings hinders the light and makes things overly fussy. pick one type of fixture and stick to it for a cleaner scandi finish, if you're a light sleeper think about investing in a basic blackout blind or lined curtains.

I've cut back on my cushions, keeping the ones I really liked and removing the ones that I kept meaning to replace. aim to pick colours and patterns that compliment each other, if you want half a dozen cushions on your bed so be it, if you keep the palette clean it can still look minimal!

I hope these tips give you some ideas!  it's a process of taking things away and putting back only the items that make you happy. think of it as an exercise in curation, be selective and you'll be surprised at how quickly the clutter comes under control.

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Thanks for the tips! I love the way your home looks!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. I'm slowly transitioning the look of my room. So far I've been decluttering and being quite ruthless with my things as I've got a lot of everything :( I'll hopefully be painting my walls white too X


    1. haha ruthless is good ;) good luck- I love white walls!

  3. I'm slowly sorting my room out. I moved downstairs to a different room and have so much more cupboard space that I can really tidy things away. I just need to sort out the perfect makeup storage then my room will be so junk free!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. so agree- having cupboard space again feels so good! happy hunting for beauty storage- I use the muji acrylic drawers :)

  4. Great tips, I really must sort my bedroom out!

    Allie | Rush + Teal

  5. I definitely need to have a huge clear out of my bedside table, I think it's filled with about 15 different hand creams! Great post :)
    Brigitte x

    brigittehayley.com | youtube.com/brigittehayley

    1. ha- ditto (but not anymore!) thanks brigette :)

  6. I think it's definitely true, if you have forgot about something, haven't looked for it then maybe it is time to say farewell. Great tips Caroline! :)

    1. its hard but its true- I just have to keep reminding myself of it :)

  7. Great post. A bedroom should be a calm place to rest and recharge so being clutter free is key to that.

    1. yay- thanks cheryl, it's a much nicer place to sleep in now! :)



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