DIY hanging organiser

DIY hanging wall organiser

january is the perfect time to start afresh so I figured I'd jump on the tidy bandwagon and make an organiser! ideal for hanging in your office or kitchen to scribble down reminders (and store all those pesky pens that have a habit of hiding when you need them..)

if you're looking to de clutter your workspace read on and I'll show you how to make your own!

hanging wall organiser DIY

you'll need the following materials:

how to make a desk organiser

to start drill 2 small holes near the top of the plywood (so you can hang it.) 

take an A5 notebook with plain pages and cut off the cover using a craft knife -leave the spine intact so the pages don't fall out!

cut out a piece of cork to the same size as your notebook (approx 15 x 21cm.)

hanging wall organiser step by step

lay the notebook and cork onto the plywood and measure where you want them to sit (mine were approx 3cm apart) mark the area with a pencil and cover with PVA glue.

stick down the notebook and cork and leave to dry!

how to tutorial

next is the pocket- take a thin piece of baslsa wood and mark out 4 shapes.

1 (21x15cm) rectangle
2 (15 x 3cm) rectangles
1 (21x3cm) rectangle

how to guide- hanging desk organiser

cut them out with a craft knife and sand down the edges, carefully assemble the pieces you've cut using some wood glue. 

leave the pocket to dry before gluing it onto the organiser.

hanging wall organiser DIY

take some leather cord or string and hang! 

wall organiser DIY
cork and notebook hanging organiser
hanging wall organiser tutorial

what do you think- would you try making your own?

back soon

caroline x


  1. Such a simple idea, but I bet West Elm would give their best bit to charge over the odds for it - perfect DIY for those who are aiming high on the "get stuff done" resolution front x Rebecca -

    1. thanks dudette- good lord I love west elm furniture but I can't bring myself to budget £2000 on a sideboard- ouch! :)

  2. I love how simple and rustic this looks. If I had the time, possibly the patience too, I would do make this. Hmm you never know lol :) X


  3. The little pin board is such a good idea!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. Love this wooden organiser.
    Very simple idea with stunning result, will look good on the wall even on desk. :D


    1. thanks akane- yes you can skip the holes and just rest it on the desk :)

  5. This is gorgeous, will definitely refer back to this post when I am older and own my own home!

    1. so pleased- thanks katherine :)

    2. You can make the pen holder from heavy cardstock if you don't have balsa.

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  7. Such a cute idea!!

  8. Your DIY always make me want to be so creative!
    A Story of a Girl

  9. Love this idea, and it's pretty simple too! Would you say that it is pretty light in weight?

    1. yes it's not too heavy as the plywood I've used is very thin- but if you use balsa wood instead of plywood it will be super light :)

  10. Wow love this idea, it's so beautiful!! :) x

    Millie x

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  12. Just stumbled across your blog via Pinterest. I love your style! Thanks for sharing! xo


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