what I wore: platforms + band tees

nirvana t shirt: urban outfitters (now on sale)
ripped denim shorts: c/o she inside

so I snuck into the fairground with the boy to take some snaps this week.. what a bad ass. 

well until I was spotted by a few workers and politely asked them if I could take a few snaps (from rebel to politically correct in less than 30 seconds... story of my life) that didn't curb my enthusiasm though I'll never shake my love of the fair..  novelty colours and candy floss induced stomach aches are one of life's great pleasures.

I'm always slightly wary of ordering from new sites but my first experience of sheinside has been beyond great! this monochrome jacket is a total steal and looks double the price; it's also such a classic coat that I know I'll be able to wear it over and over! the denim shorts are also from them and fit like a dream (I'm in between sizes so finding shorts I like is a real pain each summer) I love the high waisted cut and distressed finish and for under £15 they're a bit of a find in my book.

but lets not forget my footwear! I've been on what I can only describe as shoe binge this month and these stacked wedges are amongst my purchases. to my horror they've just gone into the sale (story of my life part 2) but I can report they're pretty darn easy to wear despite how big they look! I'm 5'8 so in these bad boys I'm actually GIANT size.. thumbs up!

caroline x

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  1. those shorts are gorge!

  2. The jacket really finishes off the outfit! I love the shoes as well.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Oooh, what an awesome backdrop! Love those ripped shorts.

    Tara x

  4. Why're you just so darn cool Caroline? It's like effortless is your middle name, you look awesome as always! x


  5. Those shoes are amazing! I may have to purchase them myself :)

    Eguono x

  6. Those shoes are amazing! The fair is a great backdrop to these photos :) xx


  7. Beautiful pictures, and god I want those shoes! :)


  8. Love the wedges, so fab with the ankle strap~ Great look~



  9. That jacket is super nice and those shoes are unbelievable, they have to be the highest shoes I've seen you wear on here I think. Love them!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  10. Love your style! Your shoes are incredible... I'm looking for wedges like these ones ;) so hot! xx


  11. Nothing beats a band tee for a casual outfit


  12. Looking good lady. Sheinside is one of my faves!

  13. I really like this look, I've got loads of band t shirts but I never know what to wear with them other than boring old jeans and converse. I might try something out like this, maybe I'll instagram it so you can see :) Have a good week xx ( thesmallestnom)


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