new in: sticky fingers nail art

what's this another new models own collection...? damn right.. and don't tell anyone but this might be my favourite yet.

sticky fingers lets you customise your nails with super cute designs.. literally the easiest nail art you'll ever come across (I've always been a fan of water decals but these are the first well designed stickers I've come across plus they're even easier to master)

I was lucky enough to receive three of them to try, these are the polishes above!

  • pastels petals green is the floral sticker set and it comes with a beautiful minty pastel shade (my favourite of the polishes)
  • blobs & drops is the arty offering with splashes of colour on the stickers and their snow white polish.
  • sweet candy is my favourite of the stickers.. cupcakes, ice cream cones and candy cane heaven! this set comes with a classic nude beige polish.

after you've applied the polish wait until your nails are fully dry then add the stickers.. seal them with a couple of coats of top coat and voila instant nail art! 

I've added lots on here so you can see the stickers on.. I'd usually just wear one sticker on each nail as they're a good size (depending on how many you apply I'd say you'll have enough stickers in each kit to wear for between 3-6 manicures.) 

each polish/sticker kit is £6 which I think is a great price considering you get a full sized polish and multiple uses from the stickers.. they're online now (catch them before they sell out) and coming to superdrug from march/april so keep an eye out for these little rascals.

which is your favourite? I like the candy stickers the most (I'm wearing them with a baby blue base colour  today.. I'll pop a snap on instagram for you to see!)

caroline x

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