mums the word:

when m&s asked me if I'd like to treat my mum to breakfast in bed my immediate response was hell yes. there's good mums, great ones, then there is my mum ..totally in a league of her own (not that I'm biased or anything) so I couldn't think of anything better than spending a morning treating her to some MUCH deserved spoiling!

m&s sent me over some beautiful serveware for my culinary efforts, including a lovely silver tray, conran vase and hudson breakfast set... the only thing I had to do was get up early and rustle up breakfast without mum rumbling the surprise! I decided to make a favourites of ours.. pancakes with golden syrup with fresh fruit mmmmmm! 

we managed to get everything together without mum coming downstairs (it took all of my ninja skills to pull this off) so her face was an absolute picture when I walked in bearing food and gifts! the pancakes got the thumbs up as did her pampering treats.. I definitely inherited my love of bubble baths from her!

the final surprise was a rather spectacular flower delivery of two dozen yellow roses.. hurrah! operation breakfast in bed accomplished.. it was the loveliest morning I can remember and it's something I'm going to do more often for my mum. she's the most selfless person I know and deserves nothing but happiness- I'm very lucky to have been blessed with such an awesomely special mother.. 

thank you m&s for helping me to treat my mum.. and also for creating the tasty wonder that is percy pigs.

have you got any ideas for mothers day yet.. are you tempted to rustle up your own breakfast in bed?

caroline x

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