opi discovery collection:

eeeeep lots of little polishes!

I don't know where my love of 'mini' things began (probably in the form of party food ...hello dinky sized nibbles) but there's something I love about pint sized versions of the originals.

cue this lovely little set from OPI; created especially for QVC its called the discovery set and it has a taste of everything OPI has to offer! for anyone who isn't familiar with their best selling products this is a treat..
first up is a selection of autumnal shades with a good quality formula and coverage that I've come to expect of OPI polishes. I wore a few of these while I was away in iceland as they were perfect travel size companions (the deep burgundy called in the cable car pool and the navy glitter alcatraz rocks glitter are my favourites) 
OPI discovery set* from left to right: peace & love & opi | in the cable car pool lane | first date at the golden gate | muir muir on the wall | alcatraz rocks
now for me this is the most exciting part of the kit by a mile... the nail treatments and finishes

I'm often asked what products I use and I'll always include nail envy in my recommendations; its the only strengthener I've used for the last year.  

this kit has three versions of nail envy- the original, cool pink and matte. previously I had a real issue with peeling nails, after a few months of solid nail envy use my nails were in much better condition (you don't see instant results but after incorporating it into my routine it really made a difference long term) 
theres also a rapid dry top coat- I also have this in the full size and it's a nice shiny finish that dries quickly (I prefer seche vite but it's a happy 2nd place)

the last item and the one thing in this pack that I have totally fallen for is the avoplex oil, it smells incredible and is the nicest cuticle oil I've used... I'll definitely be repurchasing this in the full size.

the discovery set is perfect for trying out lots of new things in one fell swoop.. I do like the nail varnishes but my inner nail care geek finds the nail envy and oils easily the most fun part of this selection. 

If you've been looking to try out their bestsellers this is a good way to dip your toes in the water and see what you like before investing in the larger versions (it would also make a great gift but I bet your bottom dollar you won't want to part with it!)

what do you think to this type of collection..are you ready for A/W nail colours yet? 

caroline x


  1. Nail Envy is top of the nail-y wish list at the moment. What a perfect way to try some of the key OPI products. Might have to nip over to the QVC website to take a peek. Emma & Jo.xx

  2. Omg, nail polishes! These shades are PERFECT for fall! (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. Oh my god I want all of these! :( I need to find them online!


  4. Love all of these shades! I'm so excited for OPIs San Francisco collection to be released!


  5. These look wonderful sets :) the treatment one in particular is great!
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-



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