currently lovin' (the reykjavik edition)

it's been a while since I shared some of my favourite buys & recent discoveries so I've rounded up all the things that make my heart a flutter and delivered them below!

a lot have come from my recent holiday so be warned there's quite an assortment...
night lights: gahhh I'm such a tourist, I literally can't resist novelty items! 

these mini night/mood lamps are so cute and teeny I found them in a shop called tiger store in iceland luckily I was able to squeeze them into my hand luggage.. much to the delight of the people at airport security.. 

we do have tiger store branches in the uk but they don't deliver so you can't buy online.. pure torture!! I shall be making my way to one next time I get to london!
postcards: it wouldn't be a holiday without the compulsory postcard haul 'when I grow up I want to be a tourist' is my new mantra..
topshop ashleigh multi buckle boots: I've been harbouring a crush on cut out boots since last winter.. I took the plunge and ordered these chunky numbers from topshop to wear whilst I was away!
soaps: ok a little random but I loved the sound of milk soap... no? 
impulse models own collaboration* I popped this in my bag to try while I was away -I haven't worn impulse since I was about 15 eeeek how time flies!! they've teamed up with models own to bring out their everyday fragrances along with a little nail kit which is a winner for me, since I couldn't bring a bottle of perfume in my hand luggage this was really handy!

retailing at £4 for a limited time you receive a body fragrance, a models own nail polish and 4 way buffer which I think is a really cute and purse friendly combo (this is utopia pictured which is one of my favourite models own polishes but there's a few different varieties available at superdrug and asda)
greeting cards: another tiger store purchase. I have all those birthday card emergencies covered for the next year! 
novelty notebook: chocolate & list writing in one.. this but is pretty self explanatory HELLO NEW FRIEND!! I found this in a stationary shop on my travels and had to top up my collection. 

well that's my random assortment of things I love this week.. I have lots of posts to come but in the meantime I'm off to finish sanding down my floorboards (another fun evening in the burke household!)

caroline x


  1. Love a good stationary buy! Right up my street, the notebook is amazing. X

  2. you bought some really cute things! love the rabbit light and notebook! :)

  3. That notebook is awesome ! And I would definitely love to hear more about your trip, I've always wanted to visit Iceland !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  4. That notebook is amazing, the rabbit lap is so cute too! x

  5. Great pictures!! =D

    Please, check out my blog

    Thanks! xx

  6. Tiger do such lovely things, I love looking in there :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  7. I spend soooo much time in Tiger! I bought the rabbit light for a fellow blogger who I am doing a gift box swap with!

  8. Those Topshop boots! LOVE <3



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