our new home: vintage + perspex

after what feels like forever we're finally coming to the end of the renovations.. the boy and I are finally making progress.. yippee!

I just had to finish one little area to give me an incentive for the final push and I was excited to show you my new lamp and reclaimed cabinet (I'm such an eager beaver!)
our first proper purchase was this vintage cabinet, we stumbled across it at a local dealers and I absolutely love it. we manged to knock the price down to £25- quite good considering I'm terrible at haggling normally! I need to give it a little TLC and a wax but it'll be great for storing (some) of my endless clutter.. 
I picked up the small paisley trays at zara home who have the most gorgeous textiles and the novelty night lights are from iceland 
(I've just started reading the casual vacancy by jk rowling.. has anyone else read this?)
my other new addition is this ever so slightly AMAZING table lamp* I was sent from out there interiors. I've wanted to combine old & new pieces in the house and this is just what I had in mind hurrah! perspex is trendy and modern but the lamp is brilliantly traditional so it works really well (at night the ribbed shade casts the prettiest patterns!) 

they have some beautiful statement pieces on their website; if you're after some quirky pieces they're one to bookmark! (watch out for this stag head in future snaps.. I'm going to buy it for my study eeep!!) 
(dusty floor courtesy of me breaking our hoover!)

I'm so excited to get our things moved in! I think my head is in danger of imploding with all the paperwork and organising that need to be done over the next fortnight.. I'll pop up a post once it's all over and I'm finally on my sofa with a cuppa!

do you like any of the pieces? (anyone else a fan of granny house chic too aha!)

caroline x