christmas nails! rudolph nail art:

woooop! the christmas tree is up, my xmas shopping list has finally been written and it's high time I delivered on those festive nails I've been promising..

here's the first instalment.. mini reindeer's! 

I think they're the cutest nails ever... I wanted to show you how to do them too!

here's the basic steps:

paint a pale pink base coat; I used models own pastel pink.

take a light beige/brown (I used models own slate grey here) and draw on a circle this is your reindeer face. next add to teeny dots either side for the ears.

using a fine brush lightly draw on the antlers with a darker brown.

this is the main part complete.. the next stage is the finishing touches!

use a white nail art pen to draw two little ovals for the eyes. 

use a black nail art pen to add pupils and draw on the reindeer noses at the nail tip! (make one reindeer nose red- this one is rudolph of course!)

to finish add two dots of pink polish for reindeer cheeks plus a little dot of white on the nose to suggest shine!

leave to dry and add lots of top coat to seal!

......taaaa daaaaah festive rudolph the reindeer nails! 

I hope you all like them!! I'm aiming to post my '12 nails of christmas' so check back for another festive mani soon!

caroline x