christmas nail art! festive penguins:

here's my next festive nail art instalment.. some little penguins! 

not as difficult to paint as my last set reindeer nails but equally cute I think these are an easier option if you want to get your christmas on but don't want to spend an age painting your nails! 

I did these really quickly so they're not as neat as I would have liked; the overall effect is still pretty cool and I definitely recommend giving these a go!

I've photographed the basic steps to help you along.. 

paint a black base coat, I've used models own black magic.

once it dried I painted on the white belly with models own snow white and added two eyes!

now you need to use a dotting tool or nail art pens in black and yellow. 

use the black to add two circles to finish off the eyes, using the yellow add a small triangle for the beak and two little feet.

seal with top coat... voila penguin nails!

back again with more christmas nail art so follow me & stay tuned for more tutorials! 

ho ho ho :D

caroline x