peter pan collar nail art!

I hope you like my latest manicure, little peter pan collar nails! they took a while but I'm really pleased with them, I first saw these on the beauty department and have been meaning to try them for ages! 

if you want to try these I'd recommend taking a good hour or so out of your day to sit down and give these a go (perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon)

you only need two colours, I used models own snow white and black magic here. 

start by removing all traces of polish and then follow the next few steps:

1. first you need to make a guide, I cut a sticky label into five strips and rounded off the edges. 
2. stick the round edge firmly to your nail, this will block this part of the nail getting any polish.
3. paint over the rest of your nail in black, leave to dry.
4. next up is the peter pan collar! dot two white circles in the middle and drag the polish to the outer nail edges to create the collar shape (you will proably need to let this dry and add a second layer for the best results)

it will all look slightly strange at the minute, never fear it will begin to make sense!

5. slowly peel off the sticker, now you can see the end result taking shape! dip a paint brush into nail polish remover and sweep around the edges to tidy up any stray polish.
6. final touch, add the buttons to your design using a white nail art pen to dot them down the centre!

it takes a little patience.. I found the collar the hardest part to get right, you may need two layers of white for it to look perfect! 

I hope you guys like them! here's hoping I don't chip them straight away.. knowing my luck I will! 

if you try them be sure to tweet me pictures, I love seeing your nails too!

caroline x


  1. This is beyond adorable! I wish that I had longer nails so I could do this design!

    Amy <3

  2. What a lovely variation to the tux nail art. Love this. :) x

  3. Love these; maybe for next time, a little tip, try using hole-punch reinforcers as the template, save cutting out your own. I've used them a couple of times as stencils and they work great!

  4. such a pretty nail art, love it ! x

  5. Well I'll be trying this asap! Amazing!

  6. soo sweet and using stickers as templates is such a good idea!!! xxx



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