handmade crafty business cards DIY!

hola fellow stationary geeks! 

gawd I love stationary! pens, writing paper, notebooks you name it I heart it.

I already have business cards but I sooo wanted to do this DIY! I'll probably never give them to anyone, I like them so much I basically want to keep them all (pathetic) (pointless) (I know)

so if you're tempted to make some too you'll need a few little things:

  • business cards: I cut mine out from brown craft card but you can buy them ready cut from places like etsy
  • a custom stamp: I went for an industrial look and got mine from staples but there are loads of fancy ones on etsy you can have made to measure!
  • a hole punch, I just punched holes in coloured cards to make my confetti!
  • glassine envelopes/bags: really cheap and perfect for party/wedding favours too! available from eBay

I wanted quite a stark look but if you have some washi tape, stickers, fabric etc you could jazz them up to suit your own taste.

I hope you like them!

caroline x


  1. Ah man, this post made me wanna go all crafty and make my own cool business cards.. Ive got the ones that were for free from MOO on facebook, but I changed domain and twitter so its a bit poop now. Might go a little crafty over the weekend! You're an inspiration:) xx

  2. They are lovely what a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Love these. Such a great idea to make your own business cards as you can design them exactly how you want.

    Ria x

  4. such a brilliant idea ! x

  5. oo its great, very cute x

  6. These looks so good, and memorable. If I ever need business cards I'll be sure to give this a go!

  7. they look amazing!! I dont think I would want to give them to anyone else either ;) xx

  8. ah thanks guys! glad you like them :D

    I saw a hole punch that punches heart shapes yesterday, wish I had one I could have made heart shaped confetti instead!! xx

  9. Amazing and such a cute idea!
    I just subscribed!

  10. These are gorgeous, what a beautiful idea!

  11. Love these. Such a great idea to make your own business cards as you can design them exactly how you want.that's what i want to make Gift Card envelopes.

  12. Gorgeous idea! Love them! xxxx



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