vintage rose nail art DIY!

hi gang! 

I've been having serious nail art dilemmas this week (well not that serious I mean we're not talking about world peace) but sometimes I get stuck in a rut and need to find some inspiration!

I love all things floral and vintage so I scouted out some lovely old fabrics to give me some ideas for my next nail designs.. aren't they pretty!

with these as my guide I picked out some of my favourite polishes.

I used essie mint candy apple as the base with models own pastel pink, utopia, sophies pink, jade stone and top turquoise for the main design.

after the base coat I dabbed on pastel pink and utopia in a random pattern across the nails. once dry I used a toothpick to draw on darker petal highlights with sophies pink! finish with a few dots of blue/green to suggest petals and you're done!

I hope you like them, I think these are my favourite this month!

caroline xx