DIY woven chain link bracelet!

I've been making these chain bracelets all summer; it only just occurred to me to show you guys when I was thinking about DIY posts I could share!

they're pretty easy to make! they look daunting but it's mostly just a case of looping a long piece of thread through the chain links, knotting and repeating the process until you run out of chain (see not so bad after all!)

I brought my gold coloured chain from hobbycraft where you can buy it by the meter, it costs a few pounds and makes at least 5 bracelets..bargain! here's a little guide on how to make them:

you can use all kinds of colours I have blue, purple and yellow ones, I've seen a version with skinny leather strips instead of string/thread which looks great! get creative and see what you'll be surprised what you'll come up with..

hope you like it!

caroline xx


  1. This is a fantastic idea ! Your so creative

  2. Not daunting at all! I'll give this a try someday!

  3. This my sound stupid, but I never realised how easy this was! - will def give it a go now.

    Thanks x

  4. This is great for the tons of broken necklaces I have lying around! :) Thank you!



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