what I wore: seaside mickey

I love going to the seaside, I'm not sure it's something I'll ever grow out of! I took a little road trip last week to indulge in my love of seaside stall tat and nostalgia. I ate my fill of fish & chips, visited every sweet shop in reach and played on the arcades like a true grown up... 

I wore an old chunky primark necklace (found crammed at the back of one of drawers earlier this summer!) with one of my favourite mickey tees. I always tie my hair up with one of my 50's inspired hairbands if I'm feeling lazy or in a hurry, it's my ultimate easy hair option (and I just wanted to get to the beach quicker!!)

mickey mouse vest: urban outfitters
denim shorts: h&m
necklace: primark
hair accessory: new look
suede fringe bag: topshop
army jacket: zara

caroline x


  1. Looks like you had a fab time huni. I love the seaside too and don't think I'll ever grow out of it either! xx

  2. i love your outfit, its really cute. your pics are really cool to, spesh the ice cream one :) x

  3. aha thanks! I was quite excited about my ice cream ;) xx

  4. Love the outfit!
    I adore going to the seaside ;) haha.

  5. That clown/monster painting is going to give me nightmares...you look so cute though, I love the accessories, especially that twist scarf.



  6. nice photos. So cute!
    Like the 3rd photo :D

    ~xx lalaine

  7. haha I know! pretty freaky huh :) xx



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