look magazine street style competition:

yesterday I received possibly the best news ever! look magazine ran a blogger street style competition and they picked me as the winner!!! honestly I have to say I was ridiculously excited when I heard, I never really thought I'd have a chance as there was so many good entries and I'm only a newbie to the fashion blog sphere! 

I've gotten a free six month subscription to the magazine which I love! I stopped buying most magazines because I was fed up of flicking through 20 pages of adverts to get to an actual article! the reason I buy look is because its a great mag for highlighting trends and shows you the best picks for the high street. 

the other and most exciting part of the competition was the chance to write a blog for look! I'm so excited to do a little piece for them! I can't stop thinking up outfits already!!

anyway excitable ramble over.. here's one of my outfits this week. I'm coming to the conclusion that I seem to be dressing like a 6yr old lately. I love colour, I'm happiest when my wardrobe looks like a rainbow and I never wear black...wow fashion crime confession! 

collar tip army jacket: zara
heart print skirt: primark
minnie tee: vintage shop find
bag and belt: vintage
necklace: kukee
boots: peacocks

thanks for stopping by!

caroline x