custom colour DIY nail polish!!

to say I'm excited to share this DIY with you is an understatement! as you may have seen I'm always painting my nails and looking out for new colours to experiment with, well how about making your very own custom polish colours? sound good? read on...

I have to thank my lovely bf for coming up with brainwave, he thought I should try making my own and did a little research..

you'll need a bottle of clear nail polish and some eyeshadow. I picked up this bright shadow set for 99p!

decide what colour polish you want! I opted for blue, you can literally come up with any combination..

chop up your eyeshadow into a fine powder, beware this is fun! 

make a funnel (I used a rolled up page from a magazine) and pour in the powdered eyeshadow!

doesn't it look pretty? now shake it baby!! (add a small ball-bearing to the polish to help mix the colour if you have one!)

amazing! it's that simple, your own custom colours for a snip! I'm going to make a whole set!

give it a try.. I promise you wont regret it!

caroline x