nail addicts anonymous:

here's a round up of my latest nail art efforts! the glitter nails are really easy, brush on a clear base/top coat and sprinkle on fine glitter. I got mine from a craft shop, they sell them in all colours and sizes for craft projects and are pretty cheap to buy. just repeat the clear polish and glitter layers until you're happy with the result. I graduated mine but you can cover the whole nail if you like!

these gold edged nails are really cute, I just painted on models own top turquoise as a base and once it had dried used models own gold digger to accentuate. to get the sharp line just mark off the area with some sellotape, it keeps the edges between the two colours nice and neat!

these are my favourite nails I'm still wearing them today. I used two coats of OPI white polish as a base, once that had dried I brushed on a coat of clear polish and stuck on assorted jewels whilst the clear polish was still wet (just do one finger at a time!) I used several glitters, shiny disks and clear diamante, use an orange stick or tweezers to help stick them on.

you can get these stick on jewel decorations in general nail art kits and just mix and match them on your nails. use plenty of clear top coat to finish and they should last a while! uber pretty and they really sparkle on a night out...

caroline x

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