I'm a sucker for ripped jeans! when I moved house I found quite a few pairs of old jeans hiding out in the loft.. rather than buying new ones I decided to update them.

my favourite denim trend at the minute is 'busted knees' like ripped but more extreme! I've been dying to invest in some (especially the asos ridley versions) but there's no reason I can't make my own right? instead of just cutting slits into your knees cut out a rough chuck or rectangle so more of your bare knees are exposed. 

cutting denim is super easy and kinda fun! I simply put my jeans on and use a pen to make the centre of my knee on each leg so I know where to cut.

I use the fine side of a cheese grater to distress the denim over the knee, just lightly rub the grater over the denim until you're happy with the effect. 

next I use a scissor or craft knife to cut into the denim, I start with small cuts and tear the rest using my hands for a more jagged look. To finish I pull out loose strands from the edges to 'rough' up the finish and make it look more natural.

finally I explain to my parents that I've not gone mad.. yes mum it's deliberate.

are you tempted to get ripping?

caroline x

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  1. I really want to give this a go on an older pair of jeans so they're more unique than the ones in stores (and it'll be way cheaper than buying a pair) I too find myself lusting after the ASOS ridley ones but at the same time I'm not sure I'll suit ripped knees (does that sound silly?!)


    1. oh I bet you will, I love them- I feel more relaxed if I'm wearing jeans with holes in them haha :) x

  2. so tempted to get ripping now! I have a pair of topshop jeans that are a little past their best, this post completely persuaded me to update them a little rather than just throwing them out :) x


    1. yay! so happy to hear that, I have some joni jeans that I've not worn since last summer so I might do them next- they're just sitting there anyway so nothing to lose ;) xx

  3. Great distress! Definitely thinking twice before throwing out a pair of old jeans.



    1. thanks you- it totally worth a go I'm really happy with mine now :) xx

  4. I'm so tempted to do this to all of my jeans now! :)



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