what I wore | mono + satchel

oversized shirt: monki via asos
wakefield satchel: hobbs (c/o)

this shirt had been in my asos saved items (also referred to as 'the torture gallery') for quite a while and I finally caved. a classic white shirt with an oversized twist I loved it on sight, in fact I adore the  whole scandi style monki range and this shirt is a great wardrobe staple for me.
I'm absolutely infatuated with this hobbs satchel, the leather is soft as a kitten and the most beautiful pale cornflower blue, it's also the perfect size (I can fit in my habitual clutter without feeling like I'm carting half a house around with me) and don't get me started on how good it smells. they have some gorgeous items in their summer collection; some of my faves include these culottes and sandals.
I love cut out boots so it was inevitable that I'd find some flats for the summer. my terrible track record with breaking in new shoes hasn't been a problem as these shoes are amazingly comfortable.. hurrah! This outfit is rather a monochrome departure for me so in my next post I'm aiming to resemble a human rainbow (business as usual)
back soon!
caroline x
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