oh emm geee it feels like ages since I've done a post with all my favourite little things in! 

I've picked up some more things this week so I'll put up another post soon.. but here's a few bits + bobs that have tickled my fancy of late, scroll down to find out more:

my pal laura has opened up a new shop selling statement necklaces, I love throwing on something sparkly over a basic tee and jeans so this was right up my street! I also ought to point out that prices start at £5 so nip over and check them out here before those little rascals are all gone!! 

I love this salty face buffer! it's seriously refreshing and the only thing that wakes me up in the morning; I do have to be careful with it as I have a tendency to scrub for dear life (I think my face would rather like to keep its skin intact) overall though a zingy little winner.

nothing makes me more upset at mother nature than having a pastel pair of vans just crying to be worn, I've had these for a few months and I'm so scared of getting them muddy they're currently taunting me from my shoe rack.. roll on spring so I can get these bad boys out in the open..

cath kidston mirror compact
I actually got this at christmas and in my eagerness to tidy up filled it away and forgot all about it, it's now parked in my everyday handbag for checking I don't have eyeliner all down my face (that has actually  happened more than once..)

I adore this egg cup set by keith brymer jones, it was a gift from our friends and I could not love it more! I had a look at some of the other things from the range and can safely say I'll attempt to buy it all.. 

I picked this up in paperchase sale just because it was ummm on sale. well we all need another snow globe right? 

sometimes I buy random things in paperchase and that's all I have to say about these. if anyone is in need of childrens party bags you know where I am.

fujifilm instax mini 
I wanted one of these for ages and now I have one I'm yet to use it! I'm determined to start snapping on this when I'm next out and about.. if anyone know where I can get cheap films for this let me know! 

I nabbed this from the sale rack and haven't managed to wear it yet, it's not really a dress I'd wear often (I'm more intending to layer it up and wear it as a skirt) but I loved the detail on the neck and hem... I'm a sucker for a lace trim.

back soon!

caroline x
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  1. I really want one of those fujifilm cameras, I would love to know what it is like! xx


  2. Ah that necklace really is to die for! Such an amazing bargain too!

  3. Lace trim is amaze, so jealous you managed to nab that dress.

    Also have major camera envy, although the price on the film kept me from purchasing!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  4. The Zara dress looks gorgeous! And I'm jealous of your instax mini!


  5. Some gorgeous buys, I'd absolutely love to get myself an Instax mini!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  6. Lovely items - those egg cups are amazing! :)

  7. Gorgeous bits.
    I am desperate for an instax mini, lucky girl :)



  8. I've been meaning to try the Ocean Salt Scrub. It sounds lovely!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  9. I LOVE that snowglobe. I've never owned one and I think I might have to buy that one right now.
    those Vans are awesome, I have them in black.
    these pictures are awesome by the way, such a cool way to show off your new stuff! :D

  10. Ahhh, those pastel vans! Love love love them (:
    I have a Fujifilm Instax too but the film is a tad expensive :(

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  11. I have the same Zara dress! It works really well as a skirt - and a top, tucked into a more casual skirt :) It's great with a baggy jumper over top, I just put some outfits with it on my blog.


  12. Oh gosh that necklace! I love love love blues


  13. Awww we heart Burkatron! Xx

  14. Oh that necklace looks gorgeous, off to have a look now!

    Maria xxx

  15. Lots of lovely things! The pink camera looks perfect!x

  16. I want the fuji camera so bad!the pink one is perfection **

  17. The snowglobe is adorbs. I got some pastel mint converse for my birthday and I was super scared of getting them muddy. I wore them out and accidently stepped in the biggest muddy puddle! DUH.

  18. I just bought the yellow fujifix camera and I love mine!!! I went on a day trip at the weekend and all the pics I took came out great! The pink one is also super cute!


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