heart pillowcase DIY:

I have a super duper easy DIY for you today.. and a little something extra too! 

you may remember my tote wash bag DIY from a few months ago using my cricut mini cutting machine? (have a peek here to see it in full) well the lovely cricut people have offered me a machine to give to one of you too! it's one of the best craft tools I've ever used and I'm sure that anyone creative would love to get their mitts on one so I said yes please!!

so back to my DIY, it's not one I'd planned specifically for valentines but it involves hearts so I guess it's in keeping! 

I recently discovered iron on heat transfer film and it's pretty cool stuff! it's perfect for using on cushions, bags and t-shirts (and on this occasion pillowcases!) I loaded a sheet onto my cricut cutting mat and used the cricut software on my laptop to select a heart template, once I'd adjusted the size I hit cut and my machine got to work! (if you're feeling nosey there's a clip of me cutting out these hearts here!)

I know you won't all have a cutting machine but don't worry you can cut out the heart shapes by hand too it will just take longer! 

peel off your hearts and place them onto your pillowcases, place a tea towel over them and get ironing! you'll need to apply lots of heat to secure the transfer in place, once it's fully adhered peel off the shiny protective film that covers the transfer (the film I've used had full instruction so make sure to check out the manufacturer recommendations)

that's it.. easy peasy pillowcases huzzah!! you can also cut out fabric hearts and stitch them on as an alternative.. either way it's a fun and easy update to bedlinen (I think this may be the first time I've posted a picture of my patchwork quilt? it took me years to finish as I kept forgetting about it.. do you like it?)

so if you'd like to win one of these little cutting machines just enter the rafflecopter draw below.. this mini will cut out the most intricate designs, it's perfect for card making, labels, paper crafts, home decor and all kinds of creative projects so I hope it's something you'll enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll announce the winner on the 24th.. good luck rascals!

caroline x
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  1. Those pillows are super cute! I however cannot help but be distracted by that blanket...I will make one even if it kills me.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Amazing DIY caroline! Seriously so jealous. Wish I was capable of creating things. One day maybe, eh?! Darby xxx


  3. I was only thinking that I wanted one of these yesterday! They look fab!

  4. Basically I'd love to see more blog posts from you all year round please. Kthanksbai :D xxxx

  5. I would love to see more craft and DIY posts - love this one! X

  6. You have the most adorable DIYs, perfect Valentines' gift~



  7. Definitely would love to see more crafts and DIY, need inspiration to get me going again! :) xx

  8. Would love to see more craft posts. Also, can I just say I am SO impressed that you finished the quilt,I've been putting off starting one for ages!


    Beth Young Makeup

  9. Would love to see more crafty posts. The pillows are very cute! Xxx

  10. eee so cute! :) There's so many possibilities of different DIYs with this machine, I'd definitely like to see more! :)
    emmerliejay x

  11. Yes, craft post are my favourites, I love this DIY!


  12. Always love a DIY post! Very interested in those machines too - been seeing them a lot more lately and anything that makes crafting faster is a winner in my eyes!

  13. I love your DIY posts, you are just an all round creative person. Txx

  14. What a brilliantly snazzy gadget!! Gosh technology is clever isn't it!! The pillows look lovely in pride of place, with your cushions and quilt!!

    Faded Windmills

    1. Maybe you could drop a few hints on how you constructed the beautiful quilt? I've read quite a few tutorials on patchwork but it seems off puttingly complex! x

  15. Would love some more DIY posts! That patchwork is actually amazing.

  16. Yes please! Love the ones you've done so far so more would be great!

  17. This is such a cute idea! I love the patchwork quilt too x




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