I'm always on the hunt for new jewellery so I thought I'd share my latest creative crush with you.. the divine laura gravestock! I've been harbouring a secret love affair with her accessories for months (I've been known to stalk her twitter pictures..don't tell anyone)

like most people I love snapping up necklaces in topshop and h&m but it's rather nice to own a few proper pieces in amongst them and there's something undeniably special about picking out a ring measured to fit.

I had the opportunity to visit her studio in london where she designs and makes her collection by hand (cue excited squeals) since I was there with my camera I took a few snaps to show you my favourites! 
the written heart ring is one of my favourites; I've seen rosie fortescue wearing one and have been a little in love with it since!
promise lattice ring is so pretty with a middle eastern influence! laura showed me the process of making this ring which was pretty amazing, a little more expensive than the others but definitely a statement.
written love ring, all of the written rings are hand made by laura and there's a hate ring too! they come in silver, rose or classic gold, I'm usually a gold wearer but I've been swayed by silver more and more this spring! 
and the winner was..the double stacker chain ring! slightly more edgy but still feminine so it ticks all the boxes for me.. it also fits a dream as it was measured for my hands.
I'm so pleased with my new addition.. the latest arrival to the burkatron family! now that I've discovered the novelty of wearing real grown up jewellery I'm hooked!

if you want to see more pretty jewels you can have a peek at her site here! starting from £25 for sterling silver its incredibly affordable and far too darn tempting (consider this your warning!) 

I've made my other half well aware of my other favourites and will be dropping enormous hints at regular intervals...wink!

which is your favourite? have you got any recomendations for up and coming designers?

caroline x


  1. Gorgeous, LOVE the written heart ring, so pretty

    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

  2. Everything is just utterly gorgeous and beautiful! Love the heart ring in the top picture! xxx


    1. ditto- think I may have to get one soon! love them :) xx

  3. love your floral nails, so pretty! x


  4. I love classic pieces of jewellery over fashion jewellery so these pieces are all amazing to me. So glad with your choice xx

    1. I'm a convert, bye bye cheap rings! I want a few key pieces now that will last! :) xx

  5. Replies
    1. isn't she talented, I bloomin love them! xx

  6. Love all of these beautiful pieces! I sometimes wish I had gone into jewellery design, golly gosh I could spend a fortune on jewellery! (best not tell Jack!)

    Great nails too!! :D

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. haha! our little secret amy.. I'd love to be able to make these, I'll stick to friendship bracelets for now aha ;) xx

  7. You bought such gorgeous things!! I love the little heart ring as well as the ring on the last picture! By the way, your floral naildesign is just perfect!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

    1. thanks you, I will! they're so darn pretty aren't they! xx

  8. The love ring is so pretty! Love your nails as always! xx

    Leanne | Seeking Serendipity

  9. Oh man, that written heart ring is straight from my daydream. I just love it in silver, rather than gold. So stunning.

    Now, if I only find some extra money to spend...


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