what I wore: dungarees & moccasin

oh man, another dungaree-esque look I hear you say..  hell yeah sorry I love 'em.

boy oh boy you wont believe how impressed I am with this dress from karma clothing! my favourite shade of denim, it fits an absolute treat and is astoundingly affordable at the jaw dropping price of £12. I kid you not folks, grab one before they go, their website is full of little bargains!

I love the super simple combination of white and denim, for me it goes hand in hand like tea and toast, easy.
I also decided to embrace a little silver jewellery for a change, I snagged the necklaces in new look and bought a few bangles in primark to top off the cheap and cheerful accessories. 

the other item I'm doing a little happy dance about are my gorgeous new shoes from chatham marine! I have the most annoying feet; after 20 minutes of walking I guarantee most footwear will give me horrendous blisters (occasionally it has it's perks, it's the ideal excuse for avoiding exercise if I'm feeling lazy!) 

when I discover super cute moccasin style shoes with the bonus of them feeling like a hug for your feet then I'm sold, I'm one happy footed bunny right now! if you're a fan of boat shoes and all things nautical then their website is one to browse..
denim dungaree skater dress: c/o karma clothing
collar tip vest: primark
silver indian spike necklace: new look
turquoise necklace: new look
ring and bangles: primark
bag: vintage
fern slip on pumps: c/o chatham marine

well I'm off to organise my saturday evening..

fajitas? check, 
popcorn? check, 
pj's? check,
rock & roll? oh gawd.

back soon!

caroline x