DIY modern christmas wreaths

minimal christmas decor scandinavian wreath

christmas fever has well and truly arrived here (in spirit.. i've not put my tree up quite yet aha!)
i'm beyond excited to celebrate christmas this year, gabe is nearly 2 and it's just the BEST age, i can't wait to wake up on christmas day and watch him enjoy the holiday festivities with our family. 

as always i'm itching to decorate already but i'm showing a little restraint. until dec 1st i'm officially holding off on putting up all my fave decorations, but i made some cute little wreaths that I thought i'd show you ahead of time so you can make them for yourself! 

how to make christmas wreaths

all you need is some wire and foraged pine branches or eucalyptus to make them. you can read the simple wire wreath tutorial i've written over at hunker now!

back soon

caroline x



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