natural christmas decorations for your home

scandinavian natural christmas inspiration

with december sneaking up on us i thought i'd share some of the things that have been inspiring me lately on pinterest, yes, you guessed it, christmas decor!

i've found myself a little torn over our decorations this year, i'm a huge fan of natural decor with lots of greenery and earthy accents. however gabe is coming to an age where he's really starting to understand the excitement of christmas so i feel like i should have some more fun decorations for him. 

after talking to james and going back and forward on it we've decided to keep our holiday decor natural, it's just so beautiful and serene and fit's in with our home so well. (however we're going to decorate gabe's room with some fun banners and have a christmas tree full of kitsch colourful decorations for him.. it's all about the compromise right?) now we've made our mind up it's full steam ahead on branches of pine draped across doorways, minimal greenery wreaths and homemade garlands!

here's some of the gorgeous imagery i've been inspired by, i love the clean scandi vibe and handcrafted feel.
minimal christmas decorations
modern christmas decorating ideas

how are you guys going to be decorating this year?

back soon

caroline x


  1. How fun that you wrote a post about this just as I was thinking, "I need some good minimalist, natural Christmas decoration ideas." Thanks for sharing these beautiful ideas. I've been a long-time (quiet) follower. I'm always nervous to comment on people's stuff, but I was talking with a dear friend this week who has started her own company and said that she loves when people comment on her work, so this is me being brave and showing my appreciation. Everything you do is lovely and absolutely does not go unnoticed. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you so so much.. this has made me so happy! thanks for taking the time out of your day to say this, it's definitely put a big smile on my face :)

      ps. so glad you enjoyed the round up too, i'm forever looking at these images on pinterest and they give me all the christmas feels!! xxx

  2. Oh I love these ideas! Most of them are easy to follow! Thank you so much!




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