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IKEA hack cane furniture

ok, so i'm fully obsessed with cane furniture, it haunts me with its gorgeousness but i basically can't justify the cost cause some of that stuff is EXPENSIVE!!! i wanted to make my own budget version of some the lovely cabinets i keep spying on sites like urban outfitters.

if there was ever a piece of furniture crying out for an IKEA hack it has to be the ivar cabinet, it's beautiful in its simplicity.. those untreated wooden doors and those clean lines, ah yes we likey.

rattan cabinet IKEA hack

i figured the doors could easily be modified to add in some cane panels and guess what .. i was bloody right, hurrah! head over to hunker to see the step by step for this cane furniture hack and let me know if you try making it too!

are you loving cane furniture too? i have some more projects that I'll be using this cane webbing on that i'll be sharing soon..

caroline x 


  1. Oh my this looks stunning! Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah / Words & Latte

  2. Love this, and am going to give it a try! I would, however, like mine to be a darker colour and have some experience staining ikea pine furniture with success. Do you think it would be possible to stain the cane webbing? I cannot find any darker cane webbing online! It might be that the lighter cane looks cool with the darker stain anyway... we shall see!



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