DIY flower wall hanging

valentines flower display

anyone else almost forget about valentines this year? (the only reason i twigged today was because gabe's due date was feb 14th!) 

personally, i've always liked valentines, i think it's a cute holiday and i love an excuse to give gifts but i've always hated that some people find it a miserable day! who cares if you get flowers from someone? buy them for yourself, buy them for happiness, buy them for pleasure and hell, don't wait for feb 14th, it should be a weekly ritual (it is for me.) 

valentines DIY

i wanted to share a project i made a while back, it's a quick floral wall hanging that would be great for a little valentines get together (whether that be with a loved one or your fave gal pals.) 

tbf it would work for so many events if you just switch up the flowers, white roses for baby showers, greenery for wedding etc. it's a really easy make and you can find the details on how to make this floral display for yourself over on hunker.

have you guys got any exciting plans? (james and i will be cracking out a bottle of wine and a new series on netflix and i'm not unhappy about it!)

back soon

caroline x

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