a simple way to sleep better

it's no secret sleep is important. a bad nights sleep has a negative impact on my mood and ability to function, whereas a good nights sleep basically makes me a happier and healthier human, win.
the run up to christmas is usually quite a stressful and busy time for me both professionally and personally so when i was offered a new mattress by sleepbear* to test it was a huge no brainer. i mean a new mattress is exciting right.. but it was also a great opportunity to try and get into a healthier sleep routine. sometimes i sleep really well but i have periods where my sleep is incredibly restless, i was more than a little curious to see if there was any difference after changing what i slept on.

after many years of use our current mattress had started to dip and even though it was lovely and soft it wasn't really supportive to sleep on so i was eager to try something different. the sleepbear mattress has a nifty 3 layer combo- a pure latex top layer for comfort and bounce, responsive memory foam in the middle and a dense bottom layer for support. the other bonus of a pure latex top layer is temperature control, geeky but true. because of it's moisture regulation and ventilation it helps keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter which is pretty neat. (it's also hypoallergenic and so wonderfully resilient to dust mites, hurrah.) 

first up our swanky new mattress arrived.. in a box! WOOOO (ok, i know this is quite common nowadays but i was a boxed mattress virgin & not having to manoeuvre a double mattress up narrow victorian stairs was ace.) i'll admit we were both acted like excited kids whilst ripping open the plastic, it started to plump up as we unrolled it which was pretty cool. 

kipper also thoroughly enjoyed the whole process (and the empty cardboard box afterwards...)

this is what it looked like when we first rolled it onto out ikea frame back in october, we left it for the rest of the day to 'breathe' after being boxed up before we put the sheets back on. we've been sleeping on the mattress for 2 months now and i have to say we absolutely give it the thumbs up!

as to the mattress firstly it's thicker than our old one so we felt much higher up (seriously we felt like we were on a throne for the first week) kinda like the novelty of being in a hotel bed but at home! it's also firmer which felt weird the first time we lay on it as we were so used to dipping into a mattress but after a couple of nights we both concluded we totally preferred it. the memory foam comfortably adjusts to your sleeping position but you still feel lifted and supported. 
(james and i usually liked different firmness's of mattress but we both agree that this one suits us both.. which is kinda a big deal.)

after we put down the new mattress we invested in an a-mazingly fluffy new winter quilt and some new bedding, the whole combination has made going to bed feel like a giant hug. sleepbear offer a 100 night home trial so you can test the mattress yourself to make sure its right for you, personally i think it's a great option especially as its an important investment. if you don't like it they'll come and take it away for free, easy peasy, no hidden costs. 

we both feel more refreshed and because of this we've become more aware of the benefits of sleeping better. we've made some other changes lately too- we've removed the tv from our bedroom and cut down on the amount of time we spend online late at night, i used to say goodnight to james then scroll through instagram for another hour or worse, i'd start sending emails... gah. now we're way more invested in sleeping better- a few simple changes have been really beneficial and i feel like i'm getting a deeper and more restful nights sleep.

i don't know about you but i'm excited for some lie in's in the coming weeks! the only thing i enjoy more than sleeping right now is hitting the snooze button.

back soon

caroline x

*big thanks to sleepbear for sending me one of their mattresses!


  1. Wow, just reading this made me ready for bed - in that I can't wait to wrap up warm in freshly cleaned bed sheets. Saying that I think I'm definitely due for a new mattress - since being at uni for a lot of the time, coming home to my very old (literally think I've had it for about 12 years or something, oops) and getting quite springy mattress I definitely notice the difference.

    I think once I finish in June a new investment is definitely required and this one sounds and looks so unbelievably comfortable!

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