DIY simple eucalyptus christmas wreath

easy scandi christmas decorations

ok so you might have your wreath up already but i figured i'd share this one just in case! i adore the look of natural xmas decorations, nothing beats a fresh hanging wreath. i'm obsessed with eucalyptus, not only does it smell amazing but it lasts for ages. (even when it dries out it still looks great so it's perfect for this DIY.) 

if you've never made your own wreath i'll show you just how easy it is...

how to make a fresh eucalyptus wreath


fresh foliage 

how to make a christmas wreath

1. take a branch of eucalyptus and place it onto the wreath ring. 

minimal christmas decorations

2. for the first few branches use florist wire to secure the ends of each branch to the ring.

DIY christmas wreath

3. continue to add branches of eucalyptus to develop the shape, i tend to work on covering the outside of the ring first. gently weave the branches between the metal spokes.

DIY eucalyptus wreath

4. as the wreath becomes fuller you'll feel it's more stable as the branches naturally weave into each other. continue adding foliage until you're happy. (i had some rose hip that i trimmed and pushed into mine for a little contrast.)

how to make a simple christmas wreath

ta- da, one scandi style fresh wreath!

hope you try it..

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  1. This is so cute and so easy!! I really want to give it a go. xx

    LUCY |

  2. What a beautiful and simple wreath, love it!



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