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when i was in brighton i found yet more posters for my collection and couldn't resist snapping up these cute butterfly and insect designs. i have a lot of prints in my home but i've grown a little tired of my gallery walls so wanted to display them differently. 

i saw a really cool DIY on pinterest from a beautiful mess on how to make these wooden frames, i've seen similar frames for sale but theirs totally inspired me to make my own for a fraction of the cost.

my version is a little more 'lazy' as i didn't want to use any nails or screws- just my trusty glue gun!

DIY | hanging poster frame @burkatron

materials needed:


1. use a hacksaw to cut 4 identical lengths of pine strip wood (this stuff is really inexpensive and you can buy it in 2m lengths!)

 my poster was 50cm wide so my 4 wooden strips were 51cm long as i wanted a little excess each side.

DIY poster frame

2. take a length of string and glue one end to the strip wood as shown above. glue the opposite end of the string to the other end of the wood.

wooden art frame tutorial

3. glue all along the piece of wood and attach the poster. 

craft and DIY tutorial- wooden hanging frame

4. glue another strip of wood in place over the top- you're basically sandwiching the print between the 2 pieces! you'll need to work fast as the glue dries quickly.

(note: i'm not intending to remove my prints so i've used glue to fix them together. you could glue magnets or magnetic tape along the wood if you wanted the option to take the frames apart and switch the posters at a later date.)

wooden frame DIY

5. glue the remaining 2 wooden strips together at the bottom of the poster to finish- it's now ready to hang!

Poster frame tutorial
how to- easy hanging poster frame

the insect prints i've used are actually wrapping paper (but you'd be mad to use them as anything other than posters in my opinion.) there's a wicked selection of them here to choose from.. 

the grand total for the two posters plus wooden frames in the pictures above? £13.... isn't that a  total bargain!?! so pleased!

hope you like them too...

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Love this idea, and they are such beautiful posters x

    Millie x

    1. aren't they? such a bargain too- I'm going to grab some botanical/plant ones next! :)

  2. I really adore this format of displaying posters but it can be hard to find them pre-made - I'm so glad you shared this DIY!

    1. 100% my pleasure! so happy you can use it- if you want to make the hangers removable use magnets instead of glue :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial and the link to posters which also led me to more posters and fantastic gel pens for my own posters :-)
    Delighted I stumbled on you :-)

    1. haha YAY- so pleased!! i hoped someone might like them too :)

  4. This is so cool,I have poster like this so will definitely be stealing this idea :) x


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