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phew, weekend! tomorrow i'm heading out for my friends birthday bar crawl which should be mega fun- this also means tonight i'll be raiding my wardrobe and complaining that i have nothing to wear! sunday is earmarked for recovering and doing all that laundry i've been putting off all week.. 

fun fact: the new tv show craft: i made this starts on more4 on tuesday night. i had so much fun working with the team so please tune in at 9pm to see lots of cool DIY's and stuff (you might recognise a few of my projects in there- yay!)

have a lovely weekend guys

stand by me meets the x-files- seriously hooked on this new netflix offering!

i'm a sucker for a DIY planter.

purchased another pair (in black this time!)

- this is such a cute idea.

- one day we'd like to build something similar.

caroline x


  1. please answer my comment on the metal memo board post! xx

    1. hey juliet! so sorry i don't always see the comments on older posts- but yes the link for the memo board is the exact one i bought from amazon! hope that helps :)

  2. Wow! Can't wait to check out that new craft show! Thanks for the recommendation!! : )

    Faded Windmills

  3. Absolutely present my own thoughts on weekend. i planed a weekend on friday and with friends and family.
    R. Gregory



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