10 documentaries to watch on netflix

the 10 best documentaries streaming on netflx now!

it's no secret that netflix and i are bff's. as much as i love a good tv series i've always been addicted to watching documentaries. i just find real life stories ultimately more fascinating to watch (throw in a true crime story and i am there.) netflix has shown some amazing documentaries over the years so i wanted to share some of the best ones with you.

be aware i'm going to miss loads out- unfortunately some of my all time faves aren't available to stream at the minute. however they are some cracking ones that are definitely worth settling down with a bag of popcorn (in your pj's with pineapple hair) to enjoy.

the square. 

a beautiful portrayal of the friendships between half a dozen protesters during the egyptian revolution. this film took me totally by surprise, their spirit made me laugh, the brutality made me cry. a political but very human story that i think deserves the accolades it's received. (watch trailer)

cartel land. 

i'm wholly capitivated by mexican drug cartels and this documentary follows the birth of vigilante groups that have developed in response to the chaos and corruption on the streets of mexico. ultimately an astonishing story that exposes the fine line between right and wrong. (watch trailer)


imagine you had an identical twin sister living on the other side of the world that you knew nothing about? crazy huh? this incredibly sweet film documents the incredible story of twins reunited by youtube. (watch trailer)

3 1/2 minutes ten bullets. 

the terrifying story of a teenage boy murdered in an argument over music at a gas station. in the current political climate this documentary raises so many questions about racial prejudice and gun control- well worth a watch. (watch trailer)

west of memphis. 

tells the story of another painful failure of justice. a gruelling fight to free three men convicted by almost non existent evidence. if you love true crime this peter jackson doc is one for you. (watch trailer)

hoop dreams. 

2 high school teenage basketball prospects battle to keep their dream of nba stardom alive. filmed over 5 years this sports documentary kept even me interested... (watch trailer)

the thin blue line. 

this is a classic true crime story about a man wrongly imprisoned for murder, the filmmaker morris argues the misleading witness accounts, perjured testimony and corrupt justice system that led to randall adams ending up behind bars. (watch trailer)


i think most people will have seen this but if you haven't you'll probably never visit seaworld again. a heartbreaking story of tilikum a killer whale who has caused the death of several workers whilst in captivity. (watch trailer)

making a murderer. 

you'd be hard pressed not to have at least heard of this docu-series if you haven't watched it already. filmed over 10 years it presents a compelling account of a man wrongly imprisoned, freed and then then rearrested for another murder. i won't say more in case of spoilers but it's a 10 episode marathon which makes it a perfect weekend binge opportunity. (watch trailer)

the look of silence.

joshua oppenheimers 'the act of killing' was one of the most profoundly fascinating yet disturbing documentaries i've ever watched. exploring the heartbreaking mass murders in indonesia through interviews with death squad leaders, the look of silence takes a different approach as a family confronts the men who murdered their brother. this is something of a companion film that's just a spellbinding to watch. (watch trailer)

happy watching!

caroline x

ps. if you're not in the uk don't panic- you might find these other great docs on us/europe netflix instead:

team foxcatcher. welcome to leith. the central park five. bowling for columbine. soaked in bleach. the act of killing. the imposter. jiro loves sushi. requiem for the american dream. dear zachary: a letter to a son about his father. western. the hunting ground. man on a wire.


  1. these all sound great, will definitely be saving this list x

    Millie x

    1. thanks millie- hope you enjoy them! I keep remembering ones I left out haha :)

  2. I love a documentary so will have to check these out! There's one that I think's called "The Propaganda Game" which is about North Korea which was interesting and anything with Louis Theroux is a favourite of mine!
    Sarah x

    1. I had a huge crush on theroux growing up haha!!! thanks for the tip I'll get watching the propaganda game :)

  3. I just saw 3 minutes a couple of days ago! It had me yelling at the screen. I do not know if you can get these, but I will add Murder on a Sunday Morning, Paradise Lost 1 and 3 (2 was ok and this trilogy is the precursor to West of Memphis).
    In honor of the Olympic Games I have two. Olympic Pride and American Prejudice (1932 Olympics) and Salute (1968 Olympics). I would watch them in order because there IS a conncection that I as an America did NOT know about. Honestly, most of BOTH documentaries Americans do NOT know about! smdh

    1. AMAZING! I'll put them all on my watch list!!!! 3 minutes made me incredibly angry too- so glad I found it though! thanks so much for the recommendations- they sound perfect for me :)



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