hello weekend

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august! ermm how did that happen? this week went super quick - did you catch me on tv? it was a v. quick 2 slots so not half as cringe-inducing as i expected. mum and dad were mega excited and proud which is always the best feeling. the easier projects were my fave- my sister made the dog bed yesterday and loves it! (you can watch the show here if you missed it.)

james and i are thinking about jumping in the car and driving to another city to do some shopping tomorrow. we have a bunch of weddings coming up and i am struggling to find anything to wear, seriously why is it so hard? when i'm not searching there are clothes i love EVERYWHERE!!

hope you have a good one!

- so, will it be snapchat or instagram stories?

cutest DIY for a cyclist ever.

- one seriously budget kitchen!

- potential wedding guest outfit?

- i've been cutting pineapple wrong my whole life.

back soon

caroline x


  1. super cute pizzas, congrats for being on tv and hope you find your wedding outfit x

    Millie x

  2. I'm so hungry right now and that photo is doing nothing to settle my cravings! Hope you have a good weekend shopping : )



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