DIY iphone case

iphone case DIY

i wanted to share a quick little makeover with you guys today. my beloved iPhone is my constant companion but i struggle to find cute covers for the oversized plus model- i decided to customise a plain case and i love how it turned out!

how to cover an iPhone


1. take a plain iPhone case (mine is a gold mirrored cover) and decide which sticker arrangement works best. once you've decided on the placement, remove the self adhesive backing and place them on! 

custom iphone case
DIY iphone case

voila! one personalised iPhone case.. easy peasy right?

back soon!

caroline x


  1. This post has come at the right time as I'm just about to order my first iphone......yes I know....and it's 2016!!

  2. Love this! Your DIYs are the best x

    Millie x

  3. Love how simple and fun this DIY idea is! The stickers look awesome! :)

    Olivia x

  4. What a cute phone case!!!! Love it!


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