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it's been a while since i ventured into writing a beauty post but summer make up is my absolute favourite (and there are a few products i'm heart eyed about right now that i wanted to share!)

i tend to completely change my make up in summer, for me liquid foundation is a no go. i want light breathable products and a really fresh faced look! i wanted to tell you about my go to products for a natural 'glowing skin' kinda radiance. 

this is a lovely mineral foundation with light- medium coverage. i always use concealer to cover any imperfections before applying this with a large brush, you can build it up to even out skin tone and it doesn't have that clogging feel of a liquid foundation which is my pet peeve in summer.

a new purchase and one that i'm already 100% into. it's just like tinted vaseline but the packaging is super cute so i'm hooked! when dabbed onto your cheeks it gives a gorgeous dewy highlight and a hint of colour.

i bought this recently and the feel of this product is bizarre, but in a nice way. it doesn't feel like a serum at all, it's almost like a primer which leaves my skin feeling smoothed out before i apply concealer. i wouldn't use it at night (estee lauder advanced night repair always wins out) but it's a lovely daytime option to give your skin a boost.

i'm forever hunting for my next highlighting product and this cream highlighter from the estee edit is the best replacement for benefit high beam i've ever found! not only is the peachy gold shade perfect for creating a daytime cheekbone highlight the bottle is big enough to last me well into next year. perfect for creating a glowing shine without looking greasy! 

i discovered this product through james' sister who works in the beauty industry. it's basically a face mist pumped full of vitamins and goodies. i tend to use it for setting my make up- a few light sprays completely refreshes my face and makes my skin feel even less 'made up' it's also brilliant for taking on flights to keep your skin plumped and refreshed. 

for me summer make up is all about the base, finding the right products is the best feeling (concealer is aways my hero on bad skin days never foundation!) once i've got my skin looking and feeling more radiant i simply finish off with mascara, a little eyeliner and a touch of blush.

what are your summer essentials? i'd love to hear your recommendations!

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caroline x


  1. These sound amazing!! I must say, I love summer make up and summer products too x

    Millie x



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