hello weekend!

howdy weekend! so i decided to finally start a weekly feature on here. i love reading what people are up to and seeing what they've discovered online. i wanted to do the same- a weekly catch up of sorts! 

i spent last week in ireland with my family in the little village in roscommon where my parents grew up. there's no internet and barely any phone signal so after a week of complete digital detoxing returning to the world of emails, social media (and a planner full of recorded trash tv) was both terrifying and exciting! 

i came home to find this a-mazing umbra copper wall vessel* had arrived- yay! i put it straight up in my bedroom, i love the minimal design against my old vintage furniture. they come in two sizes so you can curate super cute wall displays with them, i especially like them filled with plants- winner.

now i'm getting ready for my santorini trip and i'm so excited i could pop, you can follow my mini adventures on snapchat: burkatronblog 

caroline x