hello weekend!

well hey there weekend! i've been working on my sunburn in beautiful santorini this week-super exciting stuff. i was going to share a photo of the gorgeous views but i decided to post one of nutella instead- cause urmmm who doesn't appreciate a good chocolate spread snap?

on a serious note- does anyone else live for hitting up supermarkets in foreign countries (i totally freak out about all the random food i can't get at home, FUN.)

i'll probably write up a post about santorini when i'm back, you can have a nosey on instagram or my snapchat (burkatronblog) until then if you like!

- in love with this DIY rug.

- totally recommend this HIIT routine for anyone short on time.

- shocking expose of the rape culture on US campuses.

- true crime podcast fans might enjoy this.

- if you've been hunting for summer holiday book recommendations...

- so darn cute i might try this myself.

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Great post, hope you have a great time and cannot wait to see you posts for when you come back

    Millie x

  2. I am such a sucker for grabbing lays when we're on holiday just because we don't get them in England and they have some super tasty flavours! I am so jealous of all the bloggers going to santorini at the moment! I would absolutely love love to go one day and can't wait to see your posts on your trip!

    1. it's beautiful- hope you get to go! and YES TO LAYS!!!! :)))

  3. Hope you have an amazing time on holiday!

    Maria xxx

    1. thanks lady- had the best time (i cried when we left haha!)



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