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I've always feel like packing your suitcase is the start of your holiday (maybe because I do it at the last minute before jumping in the car in a mad excited panic?) 

this time though I've been really organised and I've packed days in advance. as james and I tend to take a lot of city breaks I've become really good at packing light and only taking hand luggage. even though I have a bigger luggage allowance for this trip I decided to be quite strict and only bring what I know I'll use.. 

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one thing I'm looking forward to is not worrying about liquid allowances. I'm still bringing travel size products but I can be a little more generous than usual! as the weather is expected to be nice I'm only bringing minimal make up- no foundation just bronzer and concealer along with some mascara and a few lipsticks for nights out.

I'm bringing my kindle as we'll be in the villa most days (it's so much better than bringing heavy books in your case!) and a few cameras including my diana mini and instax mini.

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clothing wise I've roughly used the 5-4-3-2-1 rule. I'm bringing 5 tops, 4 dresses, 3 bottoms (shorts/skirts not trousers) 2 bags/shoes and 1 hat for the week. I've always found this strategy works especially well on beach holidays.

I plan out what I'll wear for day trips and nights out in advance so I only pack what I'll need. I like to keep it simple when I'm away so I'm taking basics that all work together so I can mix and match them easily. for nights out or dinners I tend to wear dresses but they always tend to be more relaxed in style (not a dreaded body con in sight) daytime tends to be shorts/skirts and tee's with some comfy sandals and a cute summer bag.

I think I've been quite responsible with my packing this year, my only splurge is taking 7 bikinis as I like to have one for each day! 

do you keep to any rules when you pack or do you throw it all in?

back soon

caroline x


  1. That 54321 rule is genius! I envy your miniml packing skills x


    1. my friend told me about it a while back- thought it was brilliant! :0 xx

  2. Great rule, and I love how classic and simple the outfits are, perfect!

    Sophie x

  3. I actually have a printable checklist! Keen or what! But I hate the idea of forgetting something!

    Emily x

  4. I ALWAYS have to pack in advance otherwise I'll be a chaotic mess (not ideal) LOL X


    1. haha- I'm either late or early- no in between! :) xx

  5. I tend to over-pack when traveling! I'll try to stick to the 54321 rule in the future haha x
    A S T A E R O I D

  6. Lovely flat-lays! Wish I could travel light like that! Forever and over-packer! xx

    1. haha I used to but now if I have extra space I can buy more things when I'm away ;) xx



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