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when I was in sweeden I spent a lot of time dragging james round their interior shops. there was one item that didn't make it home with me a brass pineapple from grandpa shop. at roughly £80 I thought it was a little expensive but I still regretted not buying it...

then I found an nearly identical one for £25 last week WINNER!

I've been so excited that I had to tell someone, this little beauty is from john lewis  and there's an even larger version here

the quality is ace and it's the perfect metallic addition to my coffee table. if you're a fellow pineapple fanatic this one may be of interest..

happy shopping!

caroline x


  1. It's so cute. I love pineapple homeware. Great find.

    Emily x

  2. I am literally obsessed with scandinavian interiors! I'm trying to add a bit of it to my new university house and I find myself looking all day everyday! What a bargain that you managed to find a similar pineapple for your home in John Lewis though!

    1. I couldn't believe it- you wouldn't know the difference between them! so glad I didn't get the original one now as I'd have been gutted ;) xx

  3. Absolutely love it! Thanks for the link~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. I found these at the end of August and snapped both up straight away, I refuse to pay eBay prices for the vintage ice buckets so these were a happy medium! ruth - excuse me for a while xx

    1. I hadn't been into john lewis for ages- I was looking for a cushion when I spotted it- whoop! don't blame you for snapping them up :) xx

  5. Oh wow, I love it! So tempting - but one question, large, small or both? ;) xx




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