DIY crate bookcase

I've been hunting for a new bookcase but finding one that fit my alcoves (and my taste) was proving a challenge. I was pretty resigned to keeping my old one when I stumbled across a solution..

much to my delight (and james dismay) I realised I could download the new ikea catalogue onto my iPhone so I spent my night browsing their new items (and creating a whopping wish list in the process.) then I discovered their crates, hallelujah I was sold, I figured stacking them up would be a far more fun way to display my books!

so like the annoying girlfriend I am I dragged james down to pick some up a few days later..

this isn't really much of a DIY, more an ikea hack if I'm being generous. all you have to do to build the crates (which are super sturdy) and stack them to your pleasing. you could also stain them but I'm all for bare wood these days so I left mine naked.

I have a few crates left over so I may add another layer but I'm kind of enjoying the lower style right now. my old bookcase was really tall so this one makes the room feel brighter..

you can grab the crates from ikea (they come in 2 sizes) or if you're lucky you might be able to source some from your greengrocers but I'm not sure they would be as strong as these babies.

what do you think? 

back soon!

caroline x