DIY glass planter ikea hack

just a quick little idea for you today.. I thought I'd share some of my glass planters which are a total DIY cheat!

whenever I head to ikea I always stock up on their £1 glass candles (who can resist?) when they've burnt out I've always found it a shame to throw them away so I tend to recycle them into these cute succulent planters.

cleaned up they also make great storage for cotton buds, beauty products and pens but lets face it I'm a little obsessed with plants so that's the direction I head in..

I find the wax easy enough to remove with a knife and some hot water, just make sure you give the glass a good wash with soapy water to remove any excess.

simply fill with some cacti/succulent compost and pop in your baby. give them a little spritz with water (not too much) and you're good to go!

how do you upcycle your old candle containers?

back soon!

caroline x