DIY grid shoe storage display

some of my favourite DIY's are the ones I stumble upon..

I actually ordered this wire mesh for another project, after it was delivered I left it propped up near my front door. I always take my shoes off when I first get home and on a whim I hung my heels off it.. I realised it was a rather handy way to display/store my shoes! 

I thought I'd share it with you guys in case you were looking for some organisation inspo..

it definitely works best with heels but I did manage to hang some boots too. I love how minimal and functional it is.

my piece of mesh is 4ft high (I picked it up from amazon and delivery was super quick.) I can fit at least 10-12 pairs of heels on mine and it's really sturdy. if you have a huge stash of heels you can buy bigger pieces of this grid..

I've always struggled to find shoe storage that isn't designed to be hung up in wardrobes and this is a nice way of showing off your shoes whilst keeping them tidy!

do you like this idea?

back soon

caroline x