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jungle boogie cushion | ohh deer c/o

I'm not sure when the switch happened but at some point the arrival of my latest cushion or bedding delivery became 100% more exciting than any topshop or asos order. yup I'm a fully fledged home accessory addict!

I've rounded up some new arrivals that have me itching to go back and buy more.. first up is this wicked flamingo cushion from ohh deer. you may have seen that I recently acquired a large plastic flamingo (currently perched in my living room) so I guess this cushion confirms my latest style crush! I love the quirky print and it's a proper plumped up delight- not one of those awful wafer thin cushions. I've been a fan of ohh deer for a while- after buying some of their coasters last year I've been meaning to pick up some of their art prints as I still have a few bare frames to fill! 

ps. if you're a fellow stationery fiend I'll pre warn you their selection is horrendously good..

birds plates | h&m home

I placed quite a large h&m order a while back and it since arrived in multiple deliveries (not everything was available to ship at the same time)  I never put up a post at the time all but these plates are so darn cute I thought I'd share them! I have to say I'm really impressed by h&m home, apart from the drip feed deliveries they have some great bargains so I'll be going back for more soon!

lup copper candlestick | hay design 

this was a gift from james sister (who has the most incredible taste!) like me she's a sucker for scandinavian design- unlike me she's way better at putting together a minimal home! she picked this up for me as she knows how much I adore copper accessories and I absolutely love it. 

karlsson wall clock | urban outfitters

I love a retro clock so this little number was instantly added to my list of things I 'need' to own. for finishing touches urban outfitters is my nemesis, there's always at least 10 things I'm itching to get my mitts on, I'm trying to convince james we need one of their mid century chairs at the moment.

wish me luck, wink.

the thing that most pains me in the world is the sound of my iPhone alarm in the morning (if hitting snooze was a competitive sport I'd be an olympian) 

james introduced me to the concept of a radio alarm and geeky as it sounds it's been an absolute delight since we bought it. instead of an alarm blaring me out of my perpetual coma the news comes on waking us up gradually- I like to catch up on the headlines but if you fancy a few tunes in the morning there oodles of digital stations you can pick from.

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Some amazing things for your home! Love the bird plates~



  2. There are so many cute, unique pieces here!

    1. oh thanks so much- I love finding new pieces :) xx

  3. That candlestick is just gorgeous, I love how sleek it is!

    Maria xxx

  4. love the bird plates! ridiculously cute. and that clock is very nice too!

    1. thanks laura!! the clock is more gold in the flesh -it's been washed out a little when I lightened the pics!! :) xx

    2. thanks laura!! the clock is more gold in the flesh -it's been washed out a little when I lightened the pics!! :) xx



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