DIY copper desk tidy

I often work from home so my desk is pretty important, it's my space to sit and make plans, draft up ideas and it's usually where I like to get my diy on! most days it's a delightful mix of craft materials, snack wrappers and half drunk cups of tea- as a self confessed neat freak my desk can occasionally be my nemesis. 

in an effort to keep my desk tidy I've whizzed up a little desk tidy to house some of my clutter.

I simply bought a wire cutlery basket (the ones you leave on your kitchen draining board for washing up!) sprayed it with copper spray paint!

cutlery baskets are handily divided into 3 sections so are perfect for holding pens and stationery, this is a seriously easy 5 minute makeover!

I always feel a little more focused when my desk is de-cluttered, now I just have to stop leaving cups of tea everywhere..

back soon!

caroline x