packing for paris | what's in my bag

james and I are off to paris this week... yay!

I'm determined to travel light (for once) so I've limited myself to a small rucksack so that when we arrive we can hit the ground running. I'm not bringing my nikon or any blog equipment, instead I'm taking a few rolls of 35mm film and some of my lomography cameras. the plan is to explore, eat macaroons and generally act like a tourist.. winner.

other than a basic change of clothes here's whats in my rucksack:

passport (mental note- don't forget the eurostar tickets)
glasses (always good to have paris in focus)
notebook & pen (filled with rec's/tourist stuff)

as much as I would like to skip the face, vanity wins out so I'm just taking basic daily make up. a few of these items are new to me; I just purchased the double wear so will be trying it while I'm away and the benefit lipbalm was a christmas gift. I've given up on lipstick temporarily, a tinted balm with my chapped lips is a better fit. I've even ditched the eyeliner -winged liner will not be the reason I'm running late this trip!

not included in this line up is a giant supply of plasters (blisters I'm ready for you) and a scarf lenny kravitz would be proud of..

if you have any paris recommendations let me know! 

caroline x