DIY world map wall art

map paper | urban outfitters (in store)
black frame | the range
crosley | urban outfitters

I'm not certain if I can really call this a diy- it's more of a cheat (so don't tell anyone!)

I've always loved maps (not all mind you, I'm the worst navigator you'll ever meet so I consider road maps an instrument of torture.) I bought a huge world map a few months back but it turns out giant maps are tricky to frame and finding a wall to fit them on proved a bit of a challenge...

cue me looking for world map round 2, I looked online without finding the size or style I was after. I thought wrapping paper could be a good alternative so I tried paperchase and a few more stores, just as I had lost all hope I discovered this sheet of wrapping paper in urban outfitters, hurrah!!

yup, the easiest (most affordable) wall art EVER!

once framed it looks just like a regular printed map, for less than £15 (including frame) I'm pretty darn happy with it.

what do you think?

caroline x